Message From the Chairman

A Growing New World

Mota-Engil is a Group which, with 70 years´history behind it, is proud of its development which took place under the guidance of a leading group of shareholders while the development of the business itself was marked by an entrepreneurial culture and constant innovation with a strategy of international expansion being evidence of its ongoing dynamism.

We are now approaching our 20th anniversary in Latin America where we began in Peru in 1998 to be followed closely by countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Colombia where, through local partnership arrangements, Mota Engil has become established as an authentic regional player in the Construction and Infrastructure Management, Environment and Energy fields,

More recently the Group began operations in Chile, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic which forms part of the strategy set out for Latin America and where we believe that there is a great deal of potential for growth.

Over the past 20 years Mota Engil has concentrated investment in diversifying its portfolio in line with the opportunities identified and with the confidence placed in the Group by both public and private bodies in the countries of Latin America where we have made a mark and which we always strive to live up to.

The Group has contributed to training and the development of career opportunities based on the culture of rigour and ambition which has got us to where we are and which Mota Engil Latin America intends to carry on as a place for the personal and professional development of Group personnel.

Committed wholeheartedly to clients, partners and personnel, Mota Engil regards Latin America as a New World which is Growing and in which the Group intends to play an active part in its development.

Carlos Mota Santos