Vision and Strategy
for Sustainability


The issue of Sustainable Development represents today a global concern and challenge.

For Mota-Engil América Latina, the issue of sustainability, in its economic, social and environmental aspects, represents most of all the commitment to the communities in which we operate, and the concern for the improvement of their quality of life for current and future generations.

Since sustainability is a concern and a challenge which is reflected upon the ethically, socially and environmentally responsible management model implemented in the company, Mota-Engil América Latina is aware of and actively committed to the role it must play to realize an agenda for sustainability, accomplished on a daily basis in each country in which we operate, and in which the social responsibility policy is an operating priority.

Therefore, we invest in an approach which integrates the values and principles of sustainability in management systems, operations and activities, and corporate practices and attitudes, with a special focus on relationships and communication with interested parties in an atmosphere of rigour, transparency and openness.

We believe there is the need to protect and manage, as best as possible, our human capital, promoting qualification in an internal atmosphere which favours learning, innovation, quality and the continuous improvement of our performance, and in a framework which aims at rigour and commitment, and promotes excellence, merit, and career development, thus turning the universe of Mota-Engil América Latina companies into a cohesive community, aligned with its operating values and capable of facing future challenges with confidence.

Furthermore, we believe the firmness of our sustainability commitment, vision and strategy comprise the safest guarantee for the ability to manage risk and ensure business solidity and success, within an operation which contributes to a more prosperous and fair society, where economic growth, social cohesion and environmental protection go hand in hand.